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ASuop Arts & Entertainment Staff Shirts

Arts & Entertainment Staff Shirts

The Associated Students of the University of the Pacific (ASuop) Arts and Entertainment (A&E) team are responsible for hosting and putting on events for the campus community. The A&E team makes sure to host a wide variety of events in order to serve diverse campus interests. The challenge in creating a team shirt is to try to tie all of these interests and activities into one cohesive and spirited staff shirt.

In designing for A&E I really wanted to tie in all the different types of events and services hosted. I really allowed this design to be a team effort. Once I decided to design with iconography, I called upon the team to put their personal touches in by allowing suggestions for different icons. I included athletic events, concerts, raffles & prizes, as well as hints at the not yet announced Spring Break trip (aka Hawaii!) I also silhouetted a tiger head and used school colors more subtly in order to fulfill their request for a school spirit tie in.

These shirts turned out great and were loved by all. I am beyond excited to see the team wear them this year.

(if you keep scrolling you can find a breakdown of the icons as well as some earlier options)